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Keeping up with Streetlife

Keeping up with Streetlife


Last night Chera Gilbert from our Supported Housing Team went out onto the streets of Luton with our chosen charity Streetlife. She helped them hand out food, sleeping bags, clothing and other much needed items to the homeless. Chera had the following to say about her experience;


It was a humbling yet amazing experience being a witness to the phenomenal work done by this charity. These wonderful individuals have been able to build up such a great relationship with the homeless of Luton by not judging and being a listening ear. The members of the charity spoke to me about building up a level of trust with those they help. They explained this is something that takes a while because some of the people are out on the streets in the first place due to trust issues with family.


During our walk through Luton Town Centre we came across at least 20 homeless people, both male and female.  Although it was upsetting to see so many homeless in Luton, it was more difficult for me to witness a 19 year old man that Streetlife was recently made aware of. He was in pain from a back injury caused by an attack whilst living on the streets. The charity provided him with a backpack which included a coat, boxers, socks, a sleeping bag and food items.


They were also able to help an older individual and refer him to Mary Seacole, who may be able to help house him. One of the individuals I spoke to last night was a gentleman named Wayne who Streetlife had been taking care of since they first started. The gratitude he showed towards these ladies was unbelievable and placed no doubt in my mind that Aldwyck made the right decision in selecting Streetlife as their corporate charity for 2018.

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