Formal Customer Consultation for the proposed Catalyst Merger begins | Latest news

Formal Customer Consultation for the proposed Catalyst Merger begins | Latest news

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Formal Customer Consultation for the proposed Catalyst Merger begins

Consultation on a merger between Aldwyck Housing Group and Catalyst Housing

We're seeking your views on the proposed merger of Aldwyck Housing Group and Catalyst Housing.

Bringing the two organisations together means we'd have the combined finances to invest in our services to customers and build more new homes each year. By joining forces we think we can be more efficient and offer greater value for money. We also believe we'll be able to provide even more opportunities for you, our customers, to have your say on the services you receive, and to get involved in your communities.  The merged organisation would retain a regional structure to continue to provide a locally focussed service. 

The merger would take place by Aldwyck joining the Catalyst Group in April 2019. Eventually Catalyst and Aldwyck would seek to legally merge together to form one organisation, although we'll consult with you again before this happens.

The proposals won't have any impact on your tenancy or lease or your rights as a resident. However, the Boards of Aldwyck and Catalyst would like to hear from you to help them decide whether to go ahead. 

Have your say

Your views are important to us and we want to know what you think of the merger proposal. By now you should have recieved a letter from us asking for your comments, questions or any concerns by way of completing the form attached to the letter and sending it back, for free, in the envelope provided. Alternatively, you can email us at,  phone 0300 500 6262, or speak to your Housing Officer or Scheme Manager or Project Manager who will pass on your comments. We'll reply to any questions you ask and publish a summary of the results of the consultation in our Aldwyck Life magazine and on our website after the consultation has closed. 

The consultation will run until Friday 16 November 2018 so please make sure you tell us your views before this date.

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