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Dad turns his life around with the help of our Supported Housing

Dad turns his life around with the help of our Supported Housing

We provide Supported Housing in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire. We are committed to providing homes and a high standard of support for people with a variety of needs and backgrounds. Our aim is to enable our customers to lead as independent a life as they possibly can.

Jason’s Story

Jason was referred to our Supported Housing service by his local council. He had suffered a breakdown and at the time Jason was homeless and ‘sofa surfing’ with relatives.

Aldwyck’s Supported Housing Service

Jason lived with us on a two-year supported tenancy. Within the first six months he had changed aspects of his life and was subsequently granted access to see his daughter. He applied for work and actively engaged with the Mental Health Team and our Supported Housing Officer.

The Outcome - Providing Homes, Changing Lives

A year on, Jason works full-time, pays full rent and has no debt. He sees his daughter every week and goes to the gym every day. He has been referred from the Mental Health Team back to his GP and things are improving.

Jason told us:

“I would like to say you thank you very much for every assistance and support you have given to me while I was going through the most difficult time of my life. Having a home changed my life around. I am looking forward to the future and feel very positive. My recovery wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the Supported Housing Team.”

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