Getting Involved

Here you will find information on the different opportunities for you to get involved by being on the Customer Involvement Register and how we will support you.

Come and join our involvement register

If you have ever thought about getting involved with us it’s really easy to sign up to our Customer Involvement Register. The Customer Involvement Register is a list of our customers who have told us that they would like to get involved in certain projects or groups. If you would like to join or find out more please contact our Community Involvement Coordinator Rhys Evans on 01582 869104 or email us.

Volunteering @ Aldwyck

Whether you want to build your CV or get more involved in community work we can help you by creating volunteer opportunities within Aldwyck, or with other organisations in your local area.

Local Action Groups

Local Action Groups are groups of residents who work to improve the services that Aldwyck and Connect provide and make sure the needs of their community are met. Initially groups are led by Aldwyck staff. In the long term we work with residents to give them the skills and training to take ownership of the group.

Wish you could make improvements in your local area? There are lots of ways to make a difference within your own community. Being part of a local action group is a brilliant way of tackling the everyday issues which are important to you and we will support you in the running of your group.

Why consider a Local Action Group? A group can be formed for a variety of reasons. It’s a way of getting to know your neighbours, sharing ideas and local information. As a group you represent the views and concerns of all local residents and are often the first body to be consulted on any local issues.

Residents’ associations

Aldwyck will continue to support existing residents’ associations, attend when appropriate and assist customers to establish groups. We will not actively set out to establish groups, but where required we will provide advice, guidance and signposting to empower communities to run these groups themselves.

Local offers

One of the key regulatory requirements is the need to publish agreed ‘local offers for service delivery’. We will be looking to involve customers using a variety of communication and consultation methods, including digital involvement and face-to- face group workshops.

Continuous Improvement Groups

These will be formed following customer feedback on improving services from areas such as complaints, satisfaction surveys and feedback from front line staff. The purpose will be to review services with customers giving their direct feedback into the process ensuring that Aldwyck services are the best they can be.

Surveys and questionnaires

We often send out surveys and questionnaires to help identify the most important issues for customers living in the area. We will act on what you tell us where possible and give you feedback. The more responses we have the better we can judge where we may need to improve services and where we are doing things right.

Electronic involvement

In direct response to customer involvement feedback to be more accessible we will be making fuller use of digital methods of inclusion. This includes creating customer involvement activities that can be undertaken quickly using a computer, tablet or mobile phone. In future we will provide more online survey opportunities and information about free eLearning. We will also look at setting up electronic discussion groups and increase our presence on social media

Service Delivery Committee

The Service Delivery Committee will provide the highest level of customer involvement within Aldwyck. Two positions will be maintained for customers recruitment for these paid positions will be on a capability basis. It is intended that the customer representatives on this group will take additional roles leading, for example, Continuous Improvement Groups, supporting the development of strategies/policies and procedures (relevant to front line service delivery) providing links between ground level customer groups/Local Action Groups and decision makers within the organisation.

Training and support

Training and support for staff and customers will be crucial to enabling the strategy to succeed and become adopted as an operational part of Aldwyck business.

Staff training and support will be facilitated by the Community Involvement Coordinator, alongside the Learning & Development Team. It will be focussed on in-house training, however external training and accreditation will be delivered where appropriate via local staff.

All involved customers will be encouraged to engage in external training via the Tenant Central, DCLG funded, programme which offers free eLearning and a range of other training and resources alongside advice and support from Aldwyck staff. There will also be resources and ‘How to Guides’ produced and readily accessible for customers to be able to carry out meaningful and successful involvement.

Customers can also request specialist or independent training, and Local Action Groups can use some of their allocated budget for training, that enables successful customer involvement.

Readers group

This involves proofreading our publications, ensuring they are clear and we do not use jargon. Members who proofread our information and return their comment forms are automatically entered into a monthly draw, to win £50 in shopping vouchers.

Aldwyck Life

For those more creative writers we are always looking for articles for Aldwyck Life magazine! Would you like to write an article that would be interesting and informative for other customers? Think it would be beneficial to have it published in Aldwyck Life? If you do you can contact the Communications Team on 01582 869224 or email We are also keen to include your photographs of community events which can also be emailed to the Communications Team.

Estate inspections

Why not join other residents and Aldwyck staff on a tour of your local area. This will give you another opportunity to raise any issues, concerns or ideas for improvement first hand.

Your local staff can advise you when estate inspections are being carried out. It will be possible for customers to carry out their own estate inspections, and provide immediate feedback on issues. This will begin by the introduction of a customer inspector’s style booklet and will be accessible to all customers on request.

For more information about getting involved please contact Rhys Evans, Community Involvement Coordinator, on 01582 869104 or email


Why not join the The Communications Group? You will be part of a group of customers who look at our publications, website, videos and social media to tell us if we are giving you the information you need in the right way.

Volunteers would need to be able to look at our publications and online content and send us back your comments through a short questionnaire. The easiest way for us to do this is by e-mail however, if you don’t have online access that doesn’t mean you can’t take part, (mail outs are available on request)

If you are interested in being a member of our Communications Group please email us.